Wandering Reel Traveling Film Festival

Wandering Reel takes a series of thought-provoking films on tour — to communities that rarely have access to alternative films. Our poster focuses on a key idea: these are movies that make you think, and want to discuss them. We created the illustration.

Rudolf Steiner College

A small, independent educational center, Rudolf Steiner College publishes two annual calendars of its numerous offerings — needing to communicate a lot of information on a small amount of paper. The design solution harnesses careful, detail-oriented typography to distinguish categories of information and to prevent a dense page from looking cluttered. The two attractive calendars are designed to be mailed — then hung up for timely reference throughout the year.

An integrated series of fliers convey more detailed information about specific offerings.

Coros Institute

For ten years, we have created promotional postcards for Coros Institute‘s meditative retreats and workshops with Dennis Klock. As an artist, he often provides the illustrations. The design solutions draw their colors from the images themselves, so each card has a unique mood. The entire collection is tied together with consistent typography.

Sarah’s Creative Collage

Sarah had a unique service to promote: workshops and parties where people create collages. Talk about a designer’s dream job! We created a very untraditional “brochure” which starts folded up and sealed, like a little gift. It is designed to fit into small invitation envelopes, or simply be handed out. Once opened, an elaborate “collage” design emerges to share Sarah’s message and offerings.

Merci Miglino

Merci was always a bright burst of confidence and enthusiasm. She had published a book titled From Doormat to Diva’s. Now she was ready to be a public speaker, with the same message. Kapow!

We began with a bright brochure in an unusual format: it literally bursts open! The brand was expanded to a series of posters, ads, and bookmarks — each with same unstoppable energy that Merci brings into a room.

Today, Merci is a professional coach.