Graphic Design

To make a good first impression, you have clothes. Your business gets design. Good design communicates — clearly, and instantly — the essence of what you’re about.

Brand. Web. Print. Packaging.

A design project begins with a conversation about your business, your product, your market, your goals. We distill that background into an idea: the flavor and character of your company.  Next, I get busy with a paper and pencil, exploring ideas and visually. After developing these concepts digitally, I will present you with the best of the bunch. You choose one to refine until it’s just right. When we are both happy with the result, it’s time to print, produce, or launch. And celebrate!


Illustration also communicates a message. It brings life to a dead page. Adds emotion to a story. Draws interest.

I work primarily in three media:

  1. Black ink paintings, details added digitally
  2. Watercolor, digitally enhanced
  3. Digital, with a warm, textured, rustic feel

``Guest Artist`` Service

When you are your business, you often feel like you have to do it all alone. And of course, you’re very hands-on. Wouldn’t it be great to have a designer sitting at the table with you for a week? We could strategize over coffee, try out ideas, brainstorm next steps at lunch, and go through a series of edits in the afternoon.

That’s what our Guest Artist Service is all about! By Friday, we you would have the foundation of a new brand: Maybe a logo and simple package designs. Or business cards and a first website. All for a flat-rate weekly fee with no surprises. Let’s talk and explore whether this option is right for you.


Angelica Hesse

dances tango
sings opera
drinks craft cocktails

I am a graphic designer and illustrator.

I am also a singer, a teacher, and a lover of all things crafted and sustainable.

Painting, drawing, crafting, baking, acting, and music-making were woven into the fabric of my childhood. In short, my entire experience of life was one of creating. I went on to study graphic design and performing arts. Additionally, I have taught in Waldorf schools. All of this informs my work as a designer. Despite living deeply embedded in the digital age, my design approach employs textures from the “real world”, rich resonant colors, and handmade details — both old and new. I obsess over details of typography. And I love making logos to give a company that first polished presence in the world!


The creative energy of working with smaller tech companies excites me. Solo-entrepreneurs and non-profits have always been a good fit. And travel, food, and beverage are interests I would like to channel into future clients projects. But maybe <em>you</em> have something totally different; go ahead, surprise me with a new interest. I tend to get excited about whatever my clients are doing.


When not designing, I can be found pursuing studies in classical voice, knitting, reading, or dancing tango.